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What is Biological Teeth Whitening and What is the Difference from the Classical Systems We Know?

Classical Systems for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening using hydrogen peroxide has a history of about 100 years. Comparative tests of products such as whitening level, retention, return time, light / heat source have been made, and almost all of them have proven repeatedly that hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth without a significant difference. Common finding for professional and well-manufactured products applied at home, office and combined (home+office); Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) whitens!

In-vitro and clinical studies were performed to determine possible side effects except the whitening method and efficacy, and different scenarios were tested. In whitening systems where office type and high level H2O2 is used (including home-type);

1. Tooth sensitivity, burning in the gums and loss of tissue,

2. Wear, mineral loss (demineralization), deformation of hydroxyapatite crystal structure and reduction of enamel hardness,

3. Dehydration and fast color conversion (Rebound Effect)

4. Access to pulp, toxicological effect, interaction with soft tissue and side effects,

5. Restorations and interaction with bonding materials,

are the most studied subjects.

Side effects in the 1st group can be determined easily and quickly, and usually they arise either immediately or in a few days after whitening as patient complaint. Even in clinical studies of the product manufacturers themselves, an average of 50% sensitivity level is encountered.

The effects in the 3rd group appear later but they show up within the first 15 days.

Those in other groups, detailed analysis, electron microscopy and laboratory studies are needed to determine.

Many of these studies indicated that there is an accurate correlation between the risk of side effects and high levels of hydrogen peroxide.

Improvements in tooth whitening products focus is given mainly on problems in groups 1 and 3. Sensitivity remains a major problem that the patient and the physician face most frequently. Therefore, all conventional systems have different desensitizing products. Classical teeth whitening systems suggest methods such as fluoride, potassium nitrate and ACP, but their effectiveness against sensitivity and mineral loss is far from desired level.

In studies conducted to reduce the high H2O2 level, the desired level of improvement has not been achieved due to the problems experienced in the shelf life and effectiveness of classical products. Classic tooth whitening products still contain high levels of H2O2, and dehydration, mineral loss and other potential side effects can be found in studies.

What is Biological Teeth Whitening and What is the Difference from Classical Systems?

Biological Whitening is a system that makes two-way whitening and contains nano-hydroxyapatite (n-HAp) crystals that give the natural color of the teeth and is bio-compatible with the crystal structure of the tooth. In addition to effective tooth whitening with such systems, remineralization can also be performed to the tooth.

Biological whitening products, differing from the classical systems where acidic gels (pH 3.5) are used, provides whitening with Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide which has a pH value over 7. In studies, demineralization was found to be minimal in alkaline pH levels and it was found to provide a more suitable environment for remineralization.

With biological whitening method;

  1. Sensitivity is less than 5% or 0, instead of 50% (typical value of other products in the market),

  2. Repair or mineral supplementation (Remineralization) instead of mineral loss (demineralization),

  3. Minimum dehydration, resulting low level rebound effect and natural whiteness with low level alkaline hydrogen peroxide instead of excessive water loss due to high level hydrogen peroxide and oxidation,

  4. Minimization of possible side effects with low levels of hydrogen peroxide and

  5. Possibility of whitening sensitive teeth which is not possible with other systems

can be offered to dentists and patients.

In biological whitening, short term 1 hour in-office applications as well as home and combined (in-office + home) products having same active ingredients are available.

BioWhiten ProOffice and ProHome, a Biological Whitening system with its advanced formula and biocompatible material content, it has the highest performance values in its category.

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